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Silhouette Collection featured in “How To Spend It” Magazine / Financial Times


Darkly beautiful, these sculptural “perfume bottles” made of black soap can be used both as room fragrance – a group of three on a shelf would strike a dramatically sybaritic note – or, if you can bear to wash them away, simply as soap. The creation of Liza Witte, an Amsterdam-based product designer and self-described alchemist, there are five bottle shapes, each with a different blend of essential oils, from Christmassy orange blossom and clove to black rose, cardamom and eucalyptus.
Howtospendit Mag.
Photo: Andy Barter

Silhouette Collection featured in “Portfolio” Emirates’ First Class magazine january issue 2017
“Starkly beautiful, these blacksoap
sculptural perfume bottles
can be used as a fragrancecum-
art piece or they can be
used as soap. The brainchild
of Lisa Witte, an Amsterdambased
product designer, these
are beautiful in their bleakness.”