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05/08/2018 - Vogue Man Nl

Publication in VOGUE MAN NL Spring Issue 2018 Mister Vogue Selection with Silhouette Collection Nr.24/0 & Nr.11, Timber and Burnt Milk Oil

17/02/2017 -

Silhouette Collection featured in “Portfolio” Emirates’ First Class magazine january issue 2017 “Starkly beautiful, these blacksoap sculptural perfume bottles can be used as a fragrancecum- art piece or they can be used as soap. The brainchild of Lisa Witte, an Amsterdambased product designer, these are beautiful in their bleakness.”

17/11/2015 - Silhouette Collection at Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland

A new installation with Silhouette Collection and a 5-hour live meltdown performance with will be part of the “Secret “ group show of the Contexta Collection.   Contexta Collection “Secret” 13 – 15 November 2015 Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland

27/01/2015 -

Silhouette Collection published in “sense of smell” 2014. By Marcel van Brakel, Wander Eikelboom and Frederik Duerinck.

15/11/2013 - Exhibition by depARTmentstore in gallery KuuB, Utrecht

Exhibition and pop up store by depARTmentstore in gallery KuuB, Utrecht Twee locaties, op loopafstand van elkaar: KuuB Ruimte voor Kunst en Cultuur, Pieterstraat 3, Utrecht Galerie Sanaa, Jansdam 2, Utrecht vrij toegankelijk donderdag 12.00 uur- 21.00 vrijdag t/m zondag van 12.00 uur – 18.00 uur – speciale koopavonden op vrijdag 29 november […]

05/10/2013 - Dutch Design Week 2013

Exhibition 19-27 october 2013 Eindhoven, The Netherlands Silhouette Collection will be part of the Dutch Design Week, and can be see at the exhibition space of ‘Dutch Design Freak’ at the ‘Art Hotel’ in the city centre of Eindhoven.  

01/10/2013 - 2012 Grand Summer Exhibition “Dutch Design — Huis van Oranje”

Silhouette Collection is part of Grand Summer Exhibition “Dutch Design — Huis van Oranje” The exhibition of contemporary Dutch design and fashion as well as historical objects from the Dutch Royal Archives runs from April 26, 2012 to September  30th 2012 exhibition at Oranienbaum Castle Oranienbaum, near Dessau, Germany.